Smart Berries Australia is a grower, distributor and marketer of premium quality blueberries, raspberries and blackberries.

Our Tasmanian Farm is located in Forth, approximately 13 km from Devonport Tasmania.  

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Please note that we expect you to arrange your own transport and accommodation.  If you would like a list of local businesses please contact us on the email provided at the end of this form and we are happy to forward you further information.



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  1. Your personal information, such as an Australian contact number and address.
  2. Your Australian bank details that you would like your pay to be transferred into.
  3. If you would like to nominate a superannuation fund you will need the name of your super fund, their ABN, their USI number, and your member number. If you do not have a super fund you can go with our default fund.
  4. A photo or PDF of the main page of your passport. Your application will not be completed until you have provided your passport.

You will be provided with a tax declaration to complete on your first day of work.

You must complete the full form and press the submit button at the end in order for your information to be received.

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